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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Syrian Females, First in Renewable Energies, Syria Enters Hydrogen Era

Damascus, (SANA)- Electrical Engineer student Lujane Gaibour made first scientific studies of the hydrogen fuel cell in the Electricity Engineering Faculty at Damascus University to have Master Degree in the renewable energies sectors, al-Watan Newspaper said Sunday.

The paper quoted Dean of Electricity Engineering Faculty Hashim Warqwozok and supervisor of the first Master to study the hydrogen fuel cell, as saying that the university would buy a hydrogen fuel cell soon, since there are several studies to improve the performance of those cells along with the solar energy which we must locally manufacture.

Students of Higher Studies at the Faculty bought their own hydrogen fuel cell to make scientific research and annexed it to the Faculty's renewable energies laboratory which includes a series of studies and projects on the work of the renewable energies.

The students talked about the feasibility of the work of hydrogen fuel cell, particularly if hydrogen is used to store electrical energy.

The Fuel cell operates with water in general and the continued electrical current separates the hydrogen atom of the oxygen atom through the electrical analysis operation and this current comes from the solar cell at day time and the hydrogen is stored at the assigned tanks and then it is used to generate the alternative current through the fuel cell.

The student called this operation as storage of energy in hydrogen for maintaining the sun power to generate electricity.

So, Gaibour joins her comrade Zeina Bitar, who drove the first electric car works by Solar power on the road of Damascus city, in energy research.

H. Zain / Al-Ibrahim

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