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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eid Ul Adha

Eid- Ul- Adha is one of the special festivals of Muslim. Eid- Ul �Adha is also known as Bakr- Eid and festival of sacrifice. On this festival Muslims sacrifice their domestic animals like goat (Bakr- Eid), sheep, cow, camel etc. This sacrifice made by Muslims is a symbol of sacrifice made by prophet Abraham.

Eid- Ul �Adha celebrations start after the Hajj. The first day of Eid- Ul �Adha is celebrated on the tenth day of Duhl -Hijja, that is the last month of the Islamic year. In some areas. Eid- Ul �Adha is celebrated for several days by Muslims.

When is Eid- Ul- Adha ?

This year Eid- Ul- Adha is falling on 11th September 2010.

Muslims celebrate the festival of Eid- Ul �Adha with lot of enthusiasm, enjoying each and every moment. On this day Muslims dress themselves in new clothes. Early in the morning prayers are recited by them to remember God and then the day beings with the breakfast of Sheer Korma.

Soon after the breakfast the animal is forfeited and then the meat of the slaughtered animal is distribute among the neighbors, friends, family and poor people. It is believed that the meat of the sacrificed animal must be distributed in three equal parts among neighbors and friends, family members and poor people.

Muslims greet each other with well wishes for the festival along with the meat of the slaughtered animal. Muslims spend time with their near and dear ones to spread love and happiness all around.

In the evening Muslims visit to the places of their near and dear ones and celebrate the festival. Delicious food and drinks are served to all those people who visit Muslim places on this festival.

To celebrate Eid- Ul �Adha in a creative way, kids can make hand made Eid- Ul �Adha greetings and present them to all their near and dear ones. For those who have no time to visit markets to buy Eid- Ul �Adha greetings and have no free time to make hand made Eid- Ul �Adha greetings, for them online Eid- Ul �Adha greetings would be the best option.

The markets also remain open and decorated on the occasion of Eid for all the Muslims to do their shoppings. Children also enjoy this festival by wearing new clothes and playing games. Eid is the festival when all the children have a real fun time as they get gifts, clothes, sweets, perks and love from all their near and dear ones. Children also make special handmade Eid Greetings for all their Friends and notice all the Eid traditions followed by their parents and are excited to follow the same when they grow up.

Among several festivals celebrated by Muslims, Eid Ul Fitr is also one of the most important festivals of Muslims, also called as Muslim Eid. In Arabic, Eid means Festivity. Eid-Ul-Fitr means celebrating the breaking of the fasting month. Wish Eid Mubarak and Eid Greetings to everyone. When is Eid? This time, send Eid Greeting on 11th September Eid in 2010. Eid is known by many names - Eid Fitr, Eid Ul Fitr, Eid-Ul-Fitr, Eid Al-Fitr, Eid el Fitr, Islamic Eid.

Eid Celebration

Eid fitr is the day of celebration for all the Muslims with Eid Wishes everywhere. A lot of arrangements and preparations are done so many days before the event of Eid Al-Fitr. On this day all the Muslims wear new clothes, Women apply henna or mehndi. They wear lots of accessories which include heavy ornaments and jeweleries. Muslims also decorate their houses in their own special ways to create a feel of Eid Festival among all the family members.


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